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Mining Industry Security

Harsh mining environments call for unique security needs. Each downtime or failure of production equipment can result in significant financial losses. More important than profit is the safety of the mining facility employees. We take a holistic approach to help you run a safe, efficient, and effective mining operation and provide you with a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Explore how AxxonSoft technologies can help you improve operational efficiency, protect both people and assets, and enhance the security from the perimeter to the mine.

AxxonSoft Solution Provides
Mining Facility Operations Security:

  • Access control with credential verification
  • Video surveillance in harsh environments
  • Thermal camera integration for surveillance in difficult conditions
  • Voice communication supplemented with video image
  • Personal protective equipment use control
  • Human detection in hazardous areas
  • Time and attendance tracking and reports
  • Vehicle and rolling stock monitoring
  • Remote health monitoring of hardware and system components
  • Unauthorized intrusion, theft, and vandalism prevention
  • Monitoring of waste material handling
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AxxonSoft Features and Technologies for the Mining Industry

Workplace Safety Enforcement

Minimize on-site occupational injuries caused by employees violating safety procedures. Our AI video analytics instantly notifies you about presence of people in hazardous areas and individuals without personal protective equipment. This solution will help you prevent industrial accidents and avoid fines from regulatory authorities, while facilitating quick investigation of violations.

AI fire & smoke detection
Early Fire Detection

The fire and smoke detection solution uses advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence to identify early signs of fire thereby significantly reducing fire damage. AI-powered video analytics are a valuable supplement to regular fire and smoke sensors. Combining several types of detectors and giving the operator additional visual control maximizes the reliability of your fire detection capabilities.

AI fire & smoke detection
Vehicle Access Control

Automation of vehicle access control to the mining facility enables you to prevent violations, streamline operations, and record all vehicle entrances and exits. This system checks LP numbers against the database to grant or deny access to the territory. The time and date, the plate number, and the video footage of vehicle passage will be recorded for all license plates.

License plate recognition
Rolling Stock Monitoring

When delivering products by rail, it is crucial to track each rail car and ensure loading accuracy. AxxonSoft railroad suite records rail cars passing through checkpoints by syncing video with recognized inventory numbers and automatically measures tank car levels using thermal cameras. It generates reports for each rail car with video frames attached and finds video footage based on various parameters.

Rail car number recognition
Biometric Identification

For controlling access to critical areas, you can add biometric identification that only grants access when the biometrics match the data linked to an ID. You can also use any other type of multifactor authentication, track time and attendance, and generate various reports. If access attempts are made by unauthorized persons, you will receive automatic notifications on your display, phone, or email.

Access control
Video/Audio IP Device Support

AxxonSoft solution supports 10,000+ IP devices, including thermal imaging cameras that can be used for surveillance in dusty and difficult weather conditions. In addition, they can trigger a temperature alarm upon equipment overheating. Intercoms, IP microphones and loudspeakers are integrated as well. Recorded voice messages can be played back in emergencies such as a high concentration of harmful substances in the air.

IP integration

Benefits of Implementing the Integrated Platform at Mining Facilities

As a unified security management platform, AxxonSoft software integrates security systems and devices (including new IP-based and legacy ones) into a single environment. As our software is based on an open architecture that allows for true interoperability, it is possible to connect security and video management systems with business applications. This integrated approach can help you increase the value and utilization of your existing IT infrastructure.



There is no need to overpay for a certain vendor’s devices — just use what you need, wherever you need it. Combine equipment from different manufacturers and manage it from a single control center. Minimize the costs of equipping the facility by reducing the hardware and software needed and connecting existing devices to the system. Interact with engineering equipment and environmental control systems that support universal protocols OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP.


Apply cross-system automation and implement more effective usage scenarios that aren’t available with self-contained systems. Get improved situational analysis based on information from various sources and reduce the amount of information that the operator has to process using an intuitive interface. Automate decision making for standard situations, significantly reduce the likelihood of operators’ mistakes, and better protect your facility.

Discover the Cases of the AxxonSoft Solution Deployment

AxxonSoft PSIM Lite powers new video surveillance system at popular Austrian retailer
AxxonSoft PSIM Lite powers new video surveillance system at popular Austrian retailer
AxxonSoft PSIM Lite powers new video surveillance system at popular Austrian retailer

AxxonSoft PSIM Lite powers new video surveillance system at SPAR, the popular Austrian retailer.

AxxonSoft powers security monitoring for Pan-American Highway
AxxonSoft powers security monitoring for Pan-American Highway
AxxonSoft powers security monitoring for Pan-American Highway

Every year, 4 million vehicles pass through nine tollbooths on Panavial-operated roads. Considering the enormous traffic flows and high risk of fraud, Panavial management decided to install the Axxon PSIM at the company’s tollbooths.

AxxonSoft VMS protects 50,000m² Vaal Mall in Vanderbijlpark
AxxonSoft VMS protects 50,000m² Vaal Mall in Vanderbijlpark
AxxonSoft VMS protects 50,000m² Vaal Mall in Vanderbijlpark

In one of the largest cities of Republika Srpska the modern Grand Trade business center has been built. All 200,000 square meters of it are protected by Axxon One.

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