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CSD announces Axxon VMS distribution for Australia


CSD is now an Australian distributor of the Axxon VMS, a video management solution with hundreds of thousands of sites globally and many Safe City projects, some of which support more than 26,000 cameras.

«CSD has spent the last six months evaluating and rigorously bench testing ten of the best VMS platforms from around the world and has selected Axxon as its new flagship video management solution. The Axxon range comes with a full suite of enterprise features that you would find in the existing market leading products, PLUS a range of standard features that most other VMS platforms can only deliver via exorbitant licenses or expensive 3rd party solutions,»

— Mark Cunnington, CSD managing director.

Axxon software can provide License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Facial Recognition, both with incredibly fast archived search. Server based “black & white” lists can be created from both faces and license plates allowing for multisite management and alerts of persons or vehicles of interest entering monitored zones.

Other features include Time Compressor which allows users to review hours of footage in seconds, Tag and Track which allows users to automatically follow moving objects around a site, and Advanced Searching, which is available by type, size, colour, speed, zones, etc.

«In an environment where high definition video is becoming commodified, actionable analytics and smart VMS features are the technology that Security Integrators need to adopt maintain value and profitability in the industry. CSD’s partnership with Axxon will see a major shift in the Australian market. Five years ago CSD and Hikvision partnered and delivered a dramatic new price performance benchmark for high definition IP cameras. We believe Axxon’s scalability, robustness and actionable analytics will create a new price/performance standard for VMS software in Australia,»

— Mark Cunnington, CSD managing director.

Axxon software not only provides a user-friendly video platform, but gives the customer the ability to ask real world questions and have them answered with insightful data, for instance:

  • How many times do warehouse staff enter restricted areas without high vis clothing?
  • How often did a vehicle appear on site?
  • When was the last time a person (identified by a photo) entered premises?
  • How often do couriers arrive in the expected time window?
  • How often do crowds form in this area?

Read the announcement on csd.com.au.