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Summary of the Secutech 2011 Exhibition


AxxonSoft took part in the 14th Secutech international exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. At the company’s booth were demonstrations of the vertical solutions based on the Axxon PSIM platform, Auto PSIM, Face PSIM and POS PSIM; the new Forensic Search intelligent video archive analysis technology; and, of course, the new Axxon Smart PRO product, which was shown on a large 55-inch touch screen.

Technological partners CNB, Probe, HikVision, EverFocus, Brickcom, and Yuan also demonstrated the company’s products. Evgenia Ostrovskaya, AxxonSoft’s international business development director, conducted a seminar at the Vivotek booth called "The New Generation of Video Surveillance Systems", in which she presented the company’s latest creations. AxxonSoft products aroused the genuine interest of all visitors to the booths where they were demonstrated. The company’s own booth was visited by partners from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Taiwan, Qatar, Canada, Tunisia, the UAE, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, the USA, India, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France. Over 300 new contacts were gathered as well.

"I want to say that this exhibition exceeded all our expectations! We wanted to meet new manufacturers of IP cameras in the region on the one hand, and new distributors and integrators from all over the world on the other. And we accomplished both tasks to the maximum. The IP camera manufacturers came to our booth themselves; that’s very important for us as a video surveillance system manufacturer, as close contact with vendors allows us to constantly expand our line of supported IP equipment. Thanks to this exhibition, the list of manufacturers with which we have begun to collaborate has grown significantly. We were also surprised by the large number of visits from representatives of very serious companies from all over the world who said that one IP camera manufacturer had recommended they use our product. We heard many flattering comments on the work of our Singapore office. The speed with which our brand is becoming popular in the region and the work of the office as a whole deserve the highest marks,"

Evgenia Ostrovskaya, AxxonSoft’s international business development director.