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Public Safety Solution by AxxonSoft Secures Hungary’s Largest Office Building

The public safety cameras solution, featuring 909 cameras with on-board metadata generation, enables quick and resource-efficient intelligent search.


The joint headquarters of Telekom (the biggest telecommunications service provider in Hungary) and T-Systems (the largest system integrator company in Hungary) was delivered in 2018. It is the largest and one of the most modern offices in the country. About 100,000 square meters provide jobs for nearly 4,500 employees. The headquarters area covers nine office floors and includes a 2,000-square-meter communal garden, a rooftop fitness and wellness center, two restaurants with 350 and 150 seats, two quality cafes, and a conference room with a capacity of 300 people. The three-storey underground garage belonging to the office building has capacity of 1,350 cars, 50 motorcycles, and 329 bicycles and includes 50 electric car charging stations and a car wash. There are 27 lifts in the building.


The building was brand new, so this was a green-field project. The challenge for the security system was to be future-proof public safety solution with integrated analytics, so that the users of the system could search for recorded incidents easily, intuitively, and very fast. One of the essential requirements was that the system should be compatible with as many as possible camera manufacturers and camera types. In particular, the client planned to integrate Axis cameras from their newest product line, and the system had to support them. It was also demanded that generation of metadata essential for quick searches should not use huge amount of resources on the server side.

During the decision-making process, the client decided between the Axxon One VMS by AxxonSoft and a product from one of the top-tier global VMS developers.  Axxon One VMS was ultimately chosen because of its Onboard Tracker tool, the linearity of camera license pricing and overall lower camera license price, free technical support, and a more user-friendly GUI.

Axxon One VMS


Partners (integrators & distributors)


Features & Analytics
General surveillance, intelligent search, 4 servers, 10 workstations


The robust video surveillance system based on Axxon One VMS includes 909 public safety cameras, a monitoring room with four 60″ LCDs and two 27″ LCDs, four dual-processor servers in a remote datastore, and about 10 workstations. As for the newest Axis cameras, all of them were already supported by the Axxon One software at the time of the system installation.

Results and Benefits

The client actively uses the capabilities of the Axxon One video analytics tools, especially the intelligent search by multiple criteria. This feature offers high cost-efficiency due to the Onboard Tracker application that generates metadata (scene descriptions) on Axis cameras and forwards it to the Axxon One server for video analysis. Moving resource-intensive computing to the camera lowers the requirements for the server performance and the cost of the video surveillance system. In addition, AxxonSoft Onboard Tracker works with the raw uncompressed video stream, which allows for better detection quality.